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Chanpagne and Caviar and Sunday Brunches are among my passions.

I completed my Bachelor Degree in Commerce with major in Business and Economics at Delhi Universty, India. During my years in college I held the offices of President of the Fine Arts and Craft Society and the Mahatma Gandhi Study Circle. During my second year at college, I was elected General Secretary of the Student Union by direct voting of 2000+ students. I also got involved in the college monthly magazine where I was Editor-in-Chief.

My third and final year literally directed my vision for years ahead. I became an open debater of Delhi University and became Champion. I contested election for Dehli University Presidentship, which had the total strength of 80,000+ students. I lost by a minute margin. This did not slow me down. Same year, determined to not to be slowed down, I was chosen General Secretary of the National Student Union of India (NSUI) under the leadership of the late cabinet Minister of India Mr. Kumarmangulam.

I was an active student taking advantage of all suitable opportunities that came my way. I was also an exchange student to Bangladesh, and was also awarded the All Around Best Student of the College Award upon graduation. But while involving myself in the typical college recreational activities and enjoying participating in the cricket and basketball games; my passion expanded into being a representative for the student body. As President of the Student Council, I found it my duty to protect the interests of the students and their rights. I managed to have scholarships easily accessible to poor students, better transportation for students from the State Government, got special incentives for sports players and was instrumental in improving the quality of housing at campus. My mission was to improve students lifestyle and be the best representative of the student body.

I am a man of varies preferences but with distinct taste. I live by the "Q"…Quality!

Some people developed interest-playing sports, some people like to read books and some people spend their time watching T.V. but I had my interest in politics

From childhood I kept myself in touch with current political situations. I read all the newspapers and attended political rallies from childhood. I was involved in political process of democratic society either it was general election for parliament or school board election.

[In India]
  • VP Indian Youth Congress
  • Convening President of Rajinder Nagar Youth Congress in New Delhi India
  • Organization Secretary of Delhi of Pradesh Youth Congress
[In America]
  • Die-Hard Democrat
  • Active in Politcs
  • Current Chairman of Nationa Conference of Asian Americans for Political Awareness
  • Assistant Secretary for State of New Jersey
  • Communty Activist

As I finished my studies in India I travelled all around the world, to Europe, Asian and Australia, before putting foot on American soil. Once here, I felt like I belonged here. I truly believed and still do, that this is the land for winners and opportunities. I loved America so much that I decided to live here forever. I adopted American with my whole heart and became and American citizen in the mid 1970's. I lived in Long Island, New York (NY) for 10 years. I then moved to Flushing, NY to be closer to the Indian community. I resided there for 6 years. I then moved to Westchester County. I resided there until my move to New Jersey in 1997.

Most of my life I have been a private citizen in a variety of businesses.

In 1994 I decided to get involved in public life by entering into local politics at the district level. There I received many honors from various organizations and was honored by several Congressmen and US senators.

In 1997 I moved from New York to New Jersey , where I took a very active part in the Democratic Governatorial election campaign for the State of New Jersey.

Elevating myself to the position of Director of Asian Affairs for the State of New Jersey . I successfully ran a coordinate campaign of Democratic State party for Asian people. Also being elected Chairman of the National Conference of Asian Americans for Political Awareness in the year 2000. My term expires in 2003.

After successfully endorsing Jon Corzine for US Senator and James E. McGreevey for the Governatorial race in New Jersey . In 2002 I had the pleasure of being appointed as "Assistant Secretary of the State of New Jersey " by the honorable Governor James E. McGreevey for a term of four years. The first Asian American to be appointed in constitutionally mandated office of Secretary of the State of New Jersey . However due to certain technicalities the position has been designated as Assistant Commissioner.

The jungle gives me harmony. I could sit along the banks of rivers listening to the sounds of nature and fall into deep meditation.

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