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Roger Chugh
Assistant Secretary of State
Appointed by New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey

Born of an affluent family in India, I had the privilege of the best that life had to offer. My life in India was a life of opulent comforts. I attended the top schools in India. Generally, I was a very popular and A+ student and always had a deep interest in the issues concerning the general public. It was not until college that I delved deep into my passion for politics.

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Pak losing support in USA: official
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 25, 2002
Mr Roger Chugh, the first Asian-American to have been appointed Assistant Secretary of State, has said feelings of Americans towards Pakistan have changed after the September 11 attacks and the USA is coming out far more openly in support of India’s concerns on cross-border terrorism.

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“It is not in the USA’s interest to give up Pakistan, but feelings among American people have changed and the US President listens to the feelings of people who realise that Pakistan is a terrorism-sponsoring state,” he said.
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Asked about the problems of Indian-Americans, he said instances of “racial profiling” did occur but the US Government had taken strong steps to check it.
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Online edition of India's National Newspaper

Top posts for two Indians in New Jersey

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2002

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The State Governor, Jim Mcgreevey, appointed Roger Chugh, one of his close confidants, as Assistant Secretary of State, making him the third most influential official in the administration.

A graduate of Atma Ram Santam Dharam College in New Delhi, the 46-year-old Democrat, Mr. Chugh, had worked closely with Mr. Mcgreevey for more than six years. He has been active in the community ever since he migrated here in the 1970s.

During the last Presidential elections, he had worked actively to rally the Indian voters behind Democrat, Al Gore. With a staff of 2,000, Mr. Chugh, who also heads the Asian American Political Awareness Group, will handle a budget of nearly $ two billions.

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Loves life and has brown eyes

"I am Roger Chugh, born in New Delhi, the capital city of India. I am 5'10" tall, with an ideal weight of 150 (pounds) which I maintained for several years. Today I am a little overweight at 165 (pounds). From my appearance -- with my light complexion, brown eyes and dark hair -- it is often thought that I am of Italian decent . I love life, eenjoy Broadway shows, candle lit dinners, listening to music and going to basketball games."



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